This type of narcissism is harder to spot but can be just as toxic as the overt kind. Experts explain what to look for.
Oops, we all do it. But here's what food safety experts say.
Consider yourself lucky if you have an intimate friendship like this.

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

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The former president cruised to victory Saturday, handing Nikki Haley an embarrassing home-state loss and continuing his march to the nomination.
“This is science, Sunny,” Haines told her co-host of "The View."
A handful of wolves can be seen romping around wooden walkways as steam rises around them.
Elba's confession came during the SAG Awards' traditional "I Am an Actor" opening.
Donald Trump's only real challenger is refusing to give up hope, to his increasing frustration.
His remarks were in response to a question asked about anti-LGBTQ legislation and the Oklahoma nonbinary student who died earlier this month
McCarthy was giving off obsessed fan energy during her stage time with the singer.
The Republican front-runner took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday.
Don’t worry, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt came to her rescue after the embarrassing hiccup.
The state Supreme Court decision that granted embryos the same legal status as children has left fertility patients and providers in an excruciating limbo.
Authorities in Washington state say former NFL star Richard Sherman was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of driving under the influence.

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