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"I found that living life in an unscripted way made people uncomfortable."
"Adding the stress of serious legal repercussions to this IVF process feels downright cruel, particularly when individuals already sacrifice so much along the way."
"I can come up with 20 reasons for not writing this or ever publicly voicing my moral anguish."
"At the time Andrew and I were going to do IVF, the planets were up to something big."
"I pressed send, wondering if people would take my request seriously or regard it as yet another big idea."
"For 15 years, I battled anxiety, panic attacks, and bouts of insomnia. I began to sweep a swath of hair over a growing bald spot."
"We can’t talk about foreclosure because, like all other shameful family secrets, it makes people uncomfortable."
"After three weeks visiting my dad, I was scheduled to fly home. 'I don’t want you to go,' he told me."
"I remember thinking that he went to the doctor more than seemed usual, but when I asked if there was a reason why, he quickly changed the subject."