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Vigils took place across the nation for Oklahoma teenager Nex Benedict, who died the day after a fight in a high school bathroom.
First responders confirmed that the man is being hospitalized in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.
“This is science, Sunny,” Haines told her co-host of "The View."
Melody Hoffman’s Apple Watch helped investigators track her location — and showed the moment it stopped tracking her heartbeat.
The former president cruised to victory Saturday, handing Nikki Haley an embarrassing home-state loss and continuing his march to the nomination.
His remarks were in response to a question asked about anti-LGBTQ legislation and the Oklahoma nonbinary student who died earlier this month
A handful of wolves can be seen romping around wooden walkways as steam rises around them.
Johnson has said that life begins "from the moment of fertilization," a statement that would appear to include frozen fertilized embryos.
From a hospital bed, Nex Benedict told an officer they blacked out as the girls beat them.
Police in Maryland accused 24-year-old Angelo Terrell Spencer of assaulting the teen girl and killing her grandmother.