Yellowstone Wolves Caught On Camera Frolicking Amid Snowy Geysers

A handful of wolves can be seen romping around wooden walkways as steam rises around them.

The wolves of Yellowstone National Park are taking advantage of the off-season.

Footage captured by one of Yellowstone’s webcams on Thursday showed multiple wolves “putting on a show” around the park’s Geyser Hill area, the National Park Service wrote in a description of the video.

In the video, the wolves amble around snow-covered boardwalks as steam from the park’s iconic geysers escapes into the frigid air. The same wooden walkways are often packed with human tourists in the summer, per USA Today.

At the 7:43 mark in the video below, a few of the wolves can be seen huddling together with wagging tails.

According to the park service, the wolves are members of the Wapiti wolf pack. A report produced by the Yellowstone Wolf Project for the year 2022 indicated that the pack had 10 members.

While wolves are generally safe within the confines of Yellowstone, they’re vulnerable to being killed if they wander outside park boundaries during state hunting seasons. Another of the park’s wolf groups, the Phantom Lake pack, was effectively eliminated by hunters in 2021, The Associated Press reported at the time.

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