Conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec offered up some names to combat what conservatives say is Swift's effect on the female electorate.
But right-wing House Republicans said they’re not paying attention to the drama: “I’m not a pop person.”
The bill in question says “the Legislature, and no other official, shall appoint presidential electors.”
Aimenn Penny threw two Molotov cocktails at the church last March, but failed to burn it down.
A new book breaks down myths about the Western U.S., and examines why it's an increasingly welcoming space for far-right extremism to take root.
The two men blame the “systematic dehumanization” of Palestinians.
The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh has set his sights on banning gender-affirming care for trans youth — and an attack on Vanderbilt's transgender health clinic shows he's succeeding.
Media experts say normalizing this kind of hateful language can have major — even deadly — consequences.
Robert Justus joined former US Air Force officer Steven Carrillo in a plot to attack guards at a federal building in Oakland, California, during a 2020 protest against police brutality.
Five Proud Boys leaders are going to prison over Jan. 6. But we haven't seen the end of the gang, or the damage it inflicted on the American political landscape.