So far this year upward of 2 million livestock animals have died, according to official statistics.
A handful of wolves can be seen romping around wooden walkways as steam rises around them.
The Eurasian eagle owl spent just over a year flying free before dying in an apparent collision with a Manhattan building.
While Rep. Adam Schiff said he supports fission energy, fellow Democrats Katie Porter and Barbara Lee took firm stances against atomic power.
The actors were participating in a SAG Awards Zoom panel when Pascal busted out a “psychotic example” of how he memorizes a script.
The president's visit comes after months of public backlash and amid growing fears of long-term health risks.
The slick is drifting toward Grenada and entered the island nation's territorial waters this week.
The agency is insisting that the protestors be "prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."
"Now that the Maine lobster industry finally has to mark its gear, it can no longer hide the truth," one environmentalist said.
Charlotte, a rust-colored stingray the size of a serving platter, is pregnant with as many as four pups and could give birth in the next two weeks.