Pedro Pascal Was 'A Little Drunk' For His Glorious SAG Acceptance Speech

“I’m gonna have a panic attack and I’m gonna leave."

Pedro Pascal is officially in the running for giving the greatest awards speech of all time.

The “Last of Us” star won a SAG Award for his performance in the post-apocalyptic HBO hit and leapt on stage Saturday after beating “Succession” stars Matthew Macfadyen, Brian Cox and Kieran Culkin, as well as “The Morning Show’s” Billy Crudup.

It felt a little off.

“This is wrong for a number of reasons: I’m a little drunk, I thought I could get drunk and thank you HBO,” said Pascal with a quivering voice at the podium, before he truly let loose. “Jeez Louise, I’m making a fool of myself, but thank you so much for this!”

While Pascal’s captive audience erupted into cheers — including his friend and awards season rival Culkin — Pascal used his literal platform at that moment to thank the SAG-AFTRA union for helping him survive as a struggling actor.

“I’ve been in the union since 1999, so this is an incredible f**king honor,” he said. Then, as the audience reacted, he assured them: “We’re on Netflix.” (So no harm in swearing.)

Pascal was "a little drunk" for his speech.
Pascal was "a little drunk" for his speech.
Michael Buckner/Variety/Getty Images

Pascal thanked his family, “who is maybe watching, I’m not sure,” and began to cry — then decided this was no moment for tears, however, and sent the audience off with (what was maybe) a joke.

“I’m gonna have a panic attack and I’m gonna leave,” he said, before walking offstage.

The actor was far from panicked during his post-acceptance speech interview with Tan France, however. France asked Pascal how “badly” he was going to rub the award in Culkin’s face — as Culkin cheekily did to Pascal after winning a Golden Globe earlier this year.

“I’m gonna make out with Kieran,” he replied. “That’ll be my revenge.”

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