'SNL' Gives Trump's Golden 'Never Surrender' Sneakers Magical Powers In Zany Trailer

The embattled Republican launched the gaudy $399 high-tops last week.

Donald Trump’s golden “Never Surrender High-Tops” got the “Saturday Night Live” treatment this weekend.

In a trailer for the fake movie, “White Men Can’t Trump,” host Shane Gillis took on the role of Gordon Dwyer, a down-on-his-luck dude who is gifted a pair of magical Trump kicks by the big man himself.

Granting Gordon the Republican’s power to rescript reality, the shoes make people believe even the most brazen lies.

Using his power to boost his basketball abilities, health stats and lovemaking skills, a wacky voiceover explains that Gordon is now “whatever he says he is.”

Hijinks ensue as James Austin Johnson makes a cameo as the “real” DJT before the sketch ends with a dig about President Joe Biden’s age.

Disgraced businessman and front-runner for the Republican presidential ticket Trump unveiled his shiny sneaker last week at SneakerCon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The star-spangled Nike look-alikes were available online and priced at $399.

Watch the full “SNL” sketch above.

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