I Splurged On This Luxury Suitcase, And Here's Why I Don't Regret It

Reviewers say the quality of this worth-every-penny suitcase is "no joke."
My Monos suitcase comes in six sizes and several sleek colors.
My Monos suitcase comes in six sizes and several sleek colors.

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Anyone who’s packed for a big trip or trekked through an airport with luggage in tow knows that a good suitcase makes all the difference between a smooth travel experience and one that’s pure chaos.

As a fairly frequent traveler, I’ve definitely experienced the latter — and I blame my former clumsy luggage for all my travel woes. Recently, however, I made a suitcase investment that has added a level of convenience to my trips that completely justifies the cost: the Monos suitcase.

This Japanese-inspired travel brand has an inventory stocked with impressive packing goods and accessories, including a sleek little line of hardshell suitcases that range from effortless carry-ons to large checked bags with beautifully organized interiors. I opted for the largest check-in model ahead of a recent trip to New York after the wheels of my old suitcase had completely given out, making it impossible to maneuver. Throughout my entire trip, I regularly thanked myself for this very worthwhile purchase.

Because of my bad wheel experience, you’d guess correctly that a suitcase with good, long-lasting wheels able to navigate nearly any terrain was my main requirement when shopping for a replacement. Based on reviews, Monos overwhelmingly ranked at the top in this category, even when up against the more trendy “household name” travel brands like Away and Béis.

I could tell right out of the box that these wheels do in fact live up to the online testimonies: they’re slightly oversized, double-sided and incredibly easy to roll, with a thick coating of rubber material that feels legitimately durable. I even took it for a test run on the gravel and uneven sidewalk in front of my apartment and the operation was as smooth as ever.

Another decision-confirming factor was how thoughtfully designed the Monos suitcase is. Separating the generous interior is a two-page divider featuring dual layers of organization pockets — a welcome difference from most suitcases I’ve seen, which typically have only a single panel of pockets. One of these layers also offers an extra dose compression in addition to the typical X-strap you find in suitcases. This means I’m able to pack more clothes and more shoes compared to my old bag, while also staying significantly more organized. The bag even comes with two different-sized shoe sleeves!

The case’s exterior is equally desirable. Made from an aerospace-grade polycarbonate shell, this suitcase features an integrated TSA-approved lock and a high-grade aluminum telescoping handle that’s sturdy and, in my experience, completely trouble-free.

The large check-in suitcase features a double-sided divider for extra organizing potential.
The large check-in suitcase features a double-sided divider for extra organizing potential.

Because I’m a sucker for aesthetics in addition to function, I splurged and grabbed the limited edition banana color in a glossy finish. However, there are 13 colors to choose from, as well as seven different models and sizes to suit everyone’s needs.

Monos says in its brand statement that it aims to make luxury-level luggage accessible to more travelers by using the same materials as other high-end manufacturers. So although $355-plus for my large suitcase is objectively a very expensive price for most, it’s certainly less than offerings from other luxury travel retailers.

This alone, along with my first-person experience, has truly helped justify my splurge purchase. To any other future travelers out there who are in the market for new luggage, I couldn’t endorse it more. But, in case my word isn’t convincing enough, I won’t be offended if you need to take a peek at some of the promising reviews from real Monos customers that feel the same way as I do.

Promising Monos.com reviews:

Monos is no joke! The quality of my check in luggage is serious quality. I utilize check in luggage a lot. I have traveled around on a 6 country tour previously when my luggage wheels broke on country #2. I instantly became ‘that obnoxious American’ with the noisy check in bag who was lost all the time. From that experience I knew I had to get a higher and better quality luggage set. I got a check in piece from Monos and I do not regret it in the slightest! one of the best decisions I’ve made! I know with this new luggage I will never be put in a similar situation like that ever again. Not only is this design WAY more high end than Away and just stunning overall, it has the quality to boot! Now I will still be a lost American roaming around with gorgeous high quality luggage.” — Tiffany L.

“I’m a grown man and this is the first actual piece of luggage I’ve ever bought for myself. My entire life I’ve traveled with hand-me-down suitcases, weekender bags, or various duffles... even when flying overseas.Can I please tell you how dumb I feel for not ever investing in quality luggage before now? Can I also tell you how legitimately impressed I am with this piece that I’m about to immediately pull the trigger on a matching Carry On Pro?

I compared a ton of other options, from Away (obviously), July, Beis, to a bunch of trendy offerings on IG, to more expensive options like Rimowa. I couldn’t be more thrilled about deciding on Monos. The interior layout and design was really the deal maker for me, but I also wanted something that looked as good as it functioned. For me, Monos hit the perfect balance of everything I was looking for.

“I opted for a Stellar White Medium Check-In. The sizing was exactly where I hoped it would be. After receiving it, I feel the Large would be a little too big for my needs. The quality is great, the wheels are super smooth and quiet like all the other reviews mention, and the zippers are solidly smooth. I also picked up a set of four cubes, and a protective cover to help keep scrapes and scuffs down. The cover is frosted clear to let the color show through, but feels thick enough to not get trashed on first use. I highly recommended picking one up if you’re concerned about scuffs. If you’re on the fence like I was, go for it. You won’t be disappointed.” — Adam

“The product itself is above & beyond what I expected. I did thorough research comparing Monos to Away, & based on their extensive research into the durability of their product I went with them. Also the fact that sustainability is a part of their mission statement which I appreciate & look out for. There’s no other way to describe the feel of the luggage besides ‘buttery’: that’s how wheeling this gigantic thing feels. It’s so smooth & almost shock-resistant. The inside is super spacious & has lots of pockets & fits a ton of stuff. The outside is gorgeous, I just love the color.

“The company itself is also just amazing. The customer service was outstanding; when I chatted online with someone about my fears I wouldn’t receive the product that was showing as out of stock in time for my trip, she assured me that there were two in stock & that I would definitely receive once I made my order. The confirmation that my luggage was ‘claimed’ so to speak was really quick, I think within 3 days of when I made my order. So really great service & attention. Would recommend company & product & will be buying more from this company.” — Nicole S.

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