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HuffPost Shopping’s mission is to find and share trustworthy product recommendations, worthwhile sales and expert-sourced solutions, minimizing the work you need to do to discover goods and services that will maximize your hard-earned money and make your life a little easier. We utilize smart reporting, expert sources, customer feedback, market research, price tracking, data analytics and our own deep love of shopping so your time and budget can be put to best use. And when we cover sales, we research price histories and provide transparency about what's truly a good deal. Whether you buy a product or not, we want you to feel like your time was well spent. We are always focused on value, effectiveness, service and innovation, and we don’t share anything we don’t truly believe you could use and enjoy if you’re interested in it.

From gift guides to daily sales and everything in between, our obsessive Shopping team has independently chosen each product we feature or received a recommendation for it from an expert. We also share with our readers some content produced by our colleagues on the BuzzFeed Shopping team, who independently select the items they feature, too. 

These efforts support HuffPost’s journalism. When you make a purchase or click to view a product, we often earn money through affiliate marketing programs or agreements with retailers. No such agreements affect our news reporting, and we may also recommend products or small businesses for which we don’t earn a commission. We choose what to feature based on our own research, interviews or personal use. Our goal is to be sure everything is worth buying (if an item is returned, we don’t earn a commission), and we aim to earn and keep your trust through transparency and thorough product vetting. We are proud to adhere to the ethics and standards that govern all reporting in the HuffPost newsroom. 

HuffPost Shopping stories generate revenue for HuffPost, through commissions from purchases and/or brands who pay us a fee, regardless of whether a purchase is made.

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