21 Ways to Give Your Home A Makeover For Less Than $10

These small, affordable home upgrades make all the difference.
Paint touch-up pens, a multi-prong utensil hook and wall hooks.
Paint touch-up pens, a multi-prong utensil hook and wall hooks.

The problem with watching endless hours of home makeover TV is that you want to transform your living space as though a whole production company is helping. Of course, if you don’t have an endless budget and a team of carpenters at your beck and call, overhauling your whole home in a week may be out of reach.

The good news — for you and your bank account — is that there are plenty of smaller, more affordable ways to majorly upgrade your home. In fact, we rounded up our favorite fixes that all cost under $10 and don’t require major renovations.

From paint touch-up pens to water-absorbing counter coasters, these 21 hacks, solutions and products are easy to incorporate and will elevate your space in minutes. Some make your space more organized and some are purely aesthetic, yet each is a budget-friendly, low-effort undertaking that will make a big impact on your humble abode.

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A set of 10 refillable touch-up paint pens for easy fixes
Notice a small crack or peel in your walls? These touch-up pens make spot-fixing easier than ever. Simply fill them with the paint you need and easily apply a small amount to make your walls, cabinets, fences and more look brand new.
An instant carpet cleaner you'll wonder how you lived without
While you may not have the time and funds to get new wall-to-wall carpeting, you can totally revamp your existing rugs with this highly-rated spot remover. It also works on most upholstery to get rid of stains, pet accidents, dirt and grime and look brand spankin' new.
A pair of vertical hat racks you'll use everyday
If you like to grab a hat for sun protection before walking the dog or running errands, you may know the ever-expanding problem that is hat storage. Instead of piling them around your entryway or losing them in your coat closet, install this pair of vertical racks that will let you grab your favorite hat with ease.
Or a waterproof mat for coffee set-ups or dishes
This waterproof mat will protect your countertops and streamline your dishwashing. Slip it under your dish-drying rack or coffee maker to keep high-traffic surfaces from getting too soggy.
An eight-foot duster to get fans and ceilings clean
You'd be surprised at the difference thorough dusting can make. Clean fans, ceilings and other hard-to-reach spaces with this eight-foot expandable duster. It will make your home look cleaner of course, but also gives new life to your ceiling fan and window sills.
A water-absorbent diatomite coaster to make your bathroom look like a spa
While a water-absorbent coaster certainly isn't a need, it's an affordable and easy way to make your bathroom a little more elegant. Use it to park your toothbrush, to display your clear contains of Q-tips and just to keep other small bottles from making rings around the sink.
A grout restorer to upgrade your tile
Instead of retiling your whole bathroom, hit your sad-looking grout with this restorer pen. It will give a new white color to your grout, making your space look fresh and new. (It also comes in a plethora of other colors so you can match your grout's original shade.)
A patterned window film for privacy and temperature regulation
Bring a little drama to your space while retaining some privacy and helping with temperature control with this modern window film. It will bring new dimension to your window while still allowing light to pass through.
Or a desk cord organizer to tame all the wires
An easy way to make your home office a little nicer on the eyes? Grab one of these handy cord organizers. It sticks to your desk or table, making every charger easy to grab and keeping all your wires orderly so you never have to untangle — or even look at — a giant web.
A pair of Mr. Clean magic erasers for almost everything
As the name states, these erasers are nothing short of magic. Make your kitchen appliances, toilet, tub, walls, light switches and more look photo-ready with this set of melamine sponges.
A jar of the Pink Stuff, which you'll use in every room
The Pink Stuff is consistently a top-selling item here at HuffPost, and for good reason. It's a universal cleaning paste that can be used on most things in your home, from toasters to walls to your glass shower doors. Make your pots and pans look brand new or take years off your bathtub, all from this little pink tub.
A round belt hanger you can use for scarves or bags, too
This round, eight-hook hanger will help you streamline all your accessories and make more space in your closet. It can hold up to 24 belts, but also could hold scarves, ties, lightweight purses or anything else that really has no set place to be hung.
A silicone utensil rest with a handy drip pad
If your counter or stovetop is always covered in a variety of weird food stains, you need this silicone utensil rest. It will give a place to your most used kitchen tools and has a useful drip pad to collect spills and sauces, making your kitchen look cleaner every day.
A dozen rug grippers to keep your favorite textiles in place
Rearranging the rugs you already have can be a great way to spruce up your space. Of course, you want to make sure your rugs stay where you want them, to help when vacuuming and to keep you from tripping and to ensure they don't look bunched-up and unsightly. This set of under-rug grippers ensures your favorite mats stay where you want them, letting you take control of how your house looks.
A good-looking wall mount for your brooms and mops
Maximizing vertical storage is another great way to transform your home. Snag this genius broom and mop holder to get your cleaning tools off the floor and to free up space in any closets.
A pair of super chic mini floating shelves
Bring some life to your walls and make a handy spot for your favorite face cream or spice with this pair of adorable mini shelves. They'll totally elevate any space without overtaking the room and will bring a whimsical but still chic vibe to your walls.
Shatterproof clear containers for all your toiletries
What is it about decanting packaged goods in eye-catching jars that makes a space feel so much more stylish? A set of plastic storage dispensers can make your bathroom look way more intentional, while still being functional.
A pack of four industrial chic heavy-duty hooks
When it comes to home organization, vertical storage is a game-changer. These double hooks are perfect for bags, towels, hats, cleaning supplies or anything else that needs a space. They'll bring a modern, industrial feel to your space while still being super useful.
Or a farmhouse-inspired set of eight dual hooks
If your taste leans more cottage-core/farmhouse, spring for this set of eight retro-inspired double hooks. They can go perfectly in hallways, entryways, bedrooms or bathrooms to give your space a homey feel and to add more storage without taking up space.
A pair of spinning upside-down utensil holders that will elevate your kitchen
Transform your kitchen with this pair of genius upside-down spinning utensil holders. They'll help streamline your kitchen while freeing up valuable counter space and letting you easily grab everything you need.
A handy bra hanger with 20 hooks
Take it from a bra-hater: There are few things that make undergarments more appealing, but this handy 20-hook hanger will at least make laundry and sorting less hectic. With space for all your bras to hang vertically, you can elevate your underwear storage and hopefully streamline your closet a bit, too.

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